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Fitness In Transit is a mobile movement company that goes to and from schools offering gymnastics, dance, yoga, and other courses before, during, & after school.

As children grow, their young minds and bodies are changing and growing at a rapid pace. Each day is filled with discovery and new possibility.

FIT programs give children an exceptional opportunity to develop themselves through gymnastics, yoga, dance, and more in a safe and creative way. The philosophy of Fitness In Transit is to provide "Better Health for Today's Youth."


Fitness In Transit offers a variety of developmental and recreational programs designed for children ages 2-14.

Fitness In Transit recognizes what an amazing time childhood is and is here to help your child develop physically, emotionally and socially in a fun and supportive structure.

Our programs focus on developing motor skills, an early love of physical fitness and providing new opportunities for creativity through performance and play. Through non-competitive gymnastics, dance, yoga, martial arts, circus, theater arts, and more, our students build self-confidence and learn new skills while having a great time!


Our experienced instructors create an atmosphere where children feel safe and inspired. For over 30 years Fitness in Transit has been teaching at preschools and elementary schools throughout the Bay Area,  enhancing the lives of countless students.

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