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What is Fitness in Transit all about?

Parents are increasingly concerned about safe and constructive morning and afternoon programs in which to enroll their children. In response to our modern problems with sedentary, technologically over-stimulated children and adolescent diabetes, parents seek programs that provide their children with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, acquire healthy active habits, and discover new interests. Fitness In Transit, a mobile children's fitness program, provides this and much more.

What type of schools does Fitness In Transit go to?

Fitness in Transit travels to daycare facilities, preschools and elementary schools providing students with active, fun and well-rounded programs that can be tailored to fit before, during, and after school environments. FIT is fully ensured and emphasizes a safe and professional environment. With FIT, every school has the ability to choose an emphasis and schedule, creating a custom program to suit your needs and budget.

  • Age Specific Classes

  • Activities for All Students

  • Before, During & After School Programs Available

  • Preschools and Elementary Schools

  • One-Time Workshops, Birthdays, and Summer Camps 

How do I get a Demo class?

Demonstration classes are available upon request. We look forward to working with you in the future creating a program that will easily enhance your existing morning and afternoon curricula!

Please contact us at 510-735-6402 for additional information on how to reserve a one-time Demo Class from Fitness In Transit.


Training Seminars for your School or Classroom


Let FIT help you enhance your classroom experience! Highly respected among educators and physical education teachers nationally, FIT’s training seminars are designed to give teachers and students a wide variety of fun movement options. Your staff will be lead by FIT’s Program Director Heather Baer, in a series of lesson plans that include the following:

  • Educational Games

  • Equipment & Apparatus Training

  • Traveling Movement

  • Group Exercise

  • Songs and Rhythm Games


Get moving with FIT’s Seminar Program TODAY!


Fitness In Transit Discovery Cards


Over 45 full-color picture cards to make learning and moving even more fun! Our fantastic Discovery Cards provide movement possibilities to encourage and enhance fitness and playtime. Your child’s fitness program can be easily be created by combining a selection of our creative cards from the deck. This is an exciting way for children to learn, interact with others, and have fun while staying fit. For purchasing information, call


Fitness in Transit gives schools the ability to choose an emphasis and schedule for classes, creating a custom program to suit your needs and budget.

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