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Our programs focus on promoting learning while having fun & working well with others, developing lasting friendships and common interests.


Breakdancing with Ms. Hannah at MCDS, Fall 2017

All Fitness In Transit courses are taught using very safe and positive methods. Instructors use encouragement and motivation, emphasizing to children the importance of doing their personal best while supporting their classmates and community.


Our Specialty, focuses on building body-confidence, coordination, motor skills, strength, and flexibility as well as love of moving that will endure through to adulthood. Each class begins with a warm-up, incorporating age-appropriate songs and imagination games. The second section of class focuses on age appropriate tumbling passes and movement exploration that builds integrated strength and coordination for more advanced tumbling and inverted work. The class introduces a variety of equipment over the course of the session.


Our tumbling class focuses on increasing gross motor coordination, body-confidence, flexibility, and strength. Through age appropriate fun activities and games, children learn tumbling moves such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, as well as overall body awareness, coordination and strength skills. Our professional instructors will create a safe, fun, and exciting environment to help children learn how to explore and develop skills safely and work together as a team.


Develop skills that go beyond cartwheels and backbends. Come join the fun of combining gymnastics with acro-balancing in this class. Gymnastics will build strength, tumbling skills, and a healthy sense of self-awareness. Acro-balancing will open a world of creative interaction between students. Seasoned instructors will also focus on improving flexibility, coordination, and general fitness in a non-competitive environment.


Designed for both beginners with little or no experience and intermediate breakers that have experience dancing. Each teacher uses their very own energetic and creative curriculum to teach the basic and intermediate concepts and moves of Breakdancing. We focus on learning moves to express yourself through dance, building confidence and developing a positive environment through helping one another…all while having a blast!

Hip Hop

A high-energy workout promoting leadership through group teamwork with stamina-driven fitness. Basic dance steps are introduced with an educational overview of historical appreciation of Hip-Hop movement from Popping, Locking and Break Dancing to current popular movement. The class starts with a rhythmic warm-up, followed by activities that improve coordination and group formations.

Creative Movement

A wonderful way for a child to explore their physicality and develop individuality through movement. Each class begins with an age appropriate warm-up and dance technique lesson. Then the class shifts to an exploration, using music, poems, images, props, and expressive movement techniques that translate ideas into the body. As the session progresses children learn basic choreography and older children also learn combinations and dance routines. (Other dance/movement classes available: Please inquire within.)

Mixed Dance

Keep moving in this fun and energetic class that explores bollywood, hip- hop and contemporary dance influenced by modern and jazz styles. This foundation fitness class introduces the basics of studying dance, understanding what it's like to take a dance class through warm-ups and structure. They also learn group dance and working together as a team, how to follow directions, and build on the essential skills of balance, coordination, rhythm, body isolation and awareness.


This fun class focuses on age appropriate learning of technique, discipline, and flexibility. Incorporating music, our teachers enthusiastically lead students through the fundamentals of ballet, supporting their growth through encouragement and demonstration. Students will learn how to interact with the space around them in relation to their bodies. Teachers will encourage students to follow directions and keep a team player attitude, while assisting students’ understanding of basic ballet movements.

Circus Arts

An entertaining, mental and physical class, it focuses on promoting hand-eye coordination, vocal and physical expression, and stretching the body and mind. Beginning with warm-up and conditioning, the course will include elements of clowning such as tumbling, juggling, skits and dramatic play. On top of all this fun we will also be focusing on gymnastics and partnering skills.

Hula Hoop

In this fun-filled class, your child will learn Hula Hooping tricks and fundamentals- and begin to combine the two. Our goal is for your child to become familiar with the way the hoop moves and to find the joy and creativity in the Hula Hoop dance. Classes start with a fun warm up that will lead to a combination of dance, acrobatic, and hula hoop manipulation routines, strengthening their coordination, confidence, strength, and ability.

Theater Arts

An educational and character developing course, it focuses on self-expression, both physical and verbal, and builds confidence through interactive games and improvisation exercises in a supportive environment. A physical and vocal warm- up will begin, followed by activities that connect an emotion or idea and the corresponding physical or facial expression. The course will include elements of drama, creative movement, musical exploration, and skit development.


A fun, challenging, and growth inspiring activity for children, it focuses on techniques that will stretch, develop, and train their body and mind. The course will include breathing and visualization exercises to promote calmness & self- empowerment, as well as interactive and social games that will build self-confidence while having fun. The children will learn traditional poses and will also learn to put the poses in motion.

Tiny Tots Martial Arts

This class will focus on body conditioning, hand-eye coordination, and basic martial arts skills. The class will include gross motor coordination development as well as fun and challenging cardio exercises. Students in this class will encourage self-awareness and courage while exploring basic martial arts moves. Our students will learn about focus and discipline in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Students will learn to work together safely and respectfully while getting a full body work out that leaves them feeling strong and healthy. Our classes are upbeat and exciting – come and be a part of the fun!

Martial Arts Around The World

A fun and exciting class for children to experience Martial Arts from around the world. Each class is built around dynamic energy and an accelerated training style that is educational and empowering. Every week, students will explore Martial Arts including Karate, Capoeira, Aikido and much, much more. Each class will also include warm-ups, balance, flexibility and cardio. Throughout the session, students will be encouraged to develop a broadened cultural awareness through fun and exciting Movement Activities.

Martial Arts

A conditioning and self-defense practice for children to build their confidence and critical-thinking, it focuses on the ability to defend oneself and finding the fun of cardio exercise. The class starts off with basic exercises of hand and feet defense blocking. Students are then instructed on principles of defense striking through a conditioning and stretching warm-up.


An exhilarating martial art form cultivating power and calm, it instructs students mentally and physically. In many respects the course explores the art form, the course will introduce dances of warm ups and stretch games, defensive movements, offensive movements as well as preparation for challenging partnering drills.

Super Star Fitness

Gets kids moving, building strength, increasing flexibility, and working on coordination and balance. From athletic games to challenge activities, students will push their boundaries and grow their "I can" attitudes. With healthy hearts and active minds students will see themselves as the Superstars they are! Building skills for track and field, Frisbee and ball-handling skills are just some the fun activities that students will enjoy.


Choose any of our great programs or customize one or more of our classes specific to your needs. We can work with you to tailor our classes to your specific curriculum focus or mix and match classes from our list of options.


Special Events

In addition to our programs above, we also offer services for birthday parties and other special events. Choose a program or

opt to create your own that best fits your needs! Our friendly instructors will bring special games and an exciting class for your child’s birthday fun. Don't have much space? We can meet you at a local park! Please contact us at 510-735-6402 for pricing & more information.

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